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hanon reznikov 17/6/01
 Dear friends, here's what we've been up to lately
 we miss you with love,hanon, judith and everyone.

  Living through the G8

yesterday the potentates wrapped things up and left, the city bleeding in the
streets a long dream, full of moment and portent, our days as a part of the G8
scenario all of it happening in a city gripping a rocky riviera bay, climbing up
mountains topped by saracen-watchtowers, spilling down into a tangleof
medieval alleys - the mediterranean, the ligurian appenines, the summer sun -
the senses are full of it all - from its rise to world prominence a thousand
years ago, genoa has been known as 'la superba' but it means something closer
to 'the conceited' than to 'the superb' 700 groups are here - from argentinian
trotskyists to german transvestites.
we all seem cut from the same cloth - the people moved to travel far to make
known that there's another way - most seem to be young, tattooed, pierced and
dreadlocked - inspired, too, but hesitant about what is to come through the
 the three days, we performed  resist now!
 A piece created for the occasion - we begin linking ourselves with each
other and the audience by means of red satin ribbon which eventually draws
 everyone into a central  spiral that grinds to a tightly-bound halt -
here we are, locked into the present situation - a voice cries â˜merz!'  
(the schwitters dada word taken from â˜kommerzbank') and we free ourselves
 to present a series of portraits of the problems we've all come together to
confront - violence, poverty and the like -
these build into a massive two-tier human machine-like structure that bears
 down on the audience, consuming spectators as it advances while
chanting allen ginsberg's 'moloch' poem (moloch, the canaanitish god of
money) in the  translation from our italian living passover haggadah - then
our own partisans of rocchetta ligure (1943-45), the heroes of resistance,
return and stir up the people to exorcise the violence inside themselves, to
lay down their arms and dismantle the machine, which breaks down and is
reborn as an organic, growing multi-form mass of humanity - finally, we sit
on the ground and listen to the warning sirens, our presence already an act
of resistance

on the first day, july 19, we performed at the gathering point for the
arriving demonstrators, between the kitchens and the housing information
booths - it was sunset, and a mellow, communal atmosphere pervaded the
gathering on the next day, july 20, we struck at the heart of the matter,
performing in the central piazza dante, cut in half by the grotesque steel wall
of the red zone - much excitement, the play dissolving into assaults on the
 barrier dividing the city, then resuming until all spontaneously moved from
chanting 'free genoa!  free genoa!' to chanting 'we are free! we are free!' -
 only later in the day did the confrontation go miserably violent many say that
the black-masked goons with clubs who tragically call themselves anarchists
were police infiltrators - there may well have been infiltrators among them,
but there were many more than that - of the 100,000 demonstrators gathered,
 there were perhaps as many as 2000 determined to respond to the police
presence with petrol bombs and such - and so the first day ended with
hideous street battles - police wantonly clubbing demonstrators, the black
brigades setting police vans afire - smoke and tear gas everywhere -
and before long, a 23-year-old body lying in a pool of blood, carlo giuliani,
shot by the police while hurling a fire extinguisher at them on july 21,
we joined the massive march of 700 protesting groups - perhaps
150,000 individuals that threaded their way through the city - a  fine
showing of solidarity - a sea of red, black, green and rainbow flags
accompanied by drums, chants and song - we performed all the elements of
resist now! in oratorio-version while marching along with the endless crowds
- and as if the sun itself were powerless to help, the black brigades lodged
throughout the corteo took on the police and though no one else was killed,
many were injured and all felt a deep sense of the end of the road on july 22,
those remaining to pick up the pieces formed a chord circle at the workshop
 site by the sea - there was the weight of news of a brutal police raid on the
 Genoa Social Forum headquarters in the middle of the night - and yet, we
created new harmonies, and then each spoke, reaffirming her
commitment to go forward - we sang, exchanged addresses, imagined future
possibilities the next major movement events need to be organized around
other situations -
we don't need to put ourselves in the faces of the bigwigs at the big
meetings - we can create gatherings dedicated to education, exploration and
invention...  invention...  it isn't easy, but somebody's got to do it

Hanon Reznikov 23/7/01
Charles Mingus III © 1998-2002 Mingus Designs Copyright all rights reserved 2002
I made the Sphere props. They're self contained paper lanterns.
I am designing some Solar-powered versions. CM3

living in lebanon

back in italy after a 3-week lebanese adventure - 4 plays, 12 actors (6
americans, 3 italians, 2 germans and a bulgarian), 4-man documentary
 film crew from berlin,  4 foreign journalists and 40 workshop participants

a mind-bending time in the levantine sun

performances of resistance in beirut and tripoli - our evocation of the
partisan struggle against the german occupation of rocchetta ligure from
1943-45 hit home with audiences living under syrian guns and remembering the
long occupation of the south -  the partigiani in our play are armed with the
white stones of the borbera riverbed (painted to glow in the dark) and so the
intifada correspondence was striking performances of mysteries and smaller
 pieces in beirut and tripoli - this, the play that i abandoned at intermission at
 yale in 1968, muttering 'bullshit' to friends, had a strange impact here -
to quote from a farewell note from said and mohammed, two boys who work
as handymen at the tripoli beit el fan "this work is the best work who we see
at all theater, because it explain the circonstance of wars about psycologie
economic and health - we understand that it must stop wars who it the cause
 of pain for a lot of peoples, and this work let us hate war and action movies"

two-week workshop with 40 students from the lebanese university of beirut -
we bonded deeply with these dear people who grew up in the midst of all-out
war and whose early childhood and families are deeply scarred by the
two-month rain of bombs in 1982 that flattened west beirut - midway through
the workshop a dozen people withdrew, explaining that they had come to
understand that our message was so deeply pacifist that to perform with us
would be in contradiction with their support of the palestinian armed
resistance - they returned for the performances, embracing us and saying,
"someday, we will be on the same side...'"  the larger group that remained
working with us was, like us, saddened, but in the end, strengthened in their
resolve to pursue nonviolent alternatives - the first intifada, many told us,
was largely a campaign of nonviolent resistance that was extremely effective
- finally, we performed two plays together:

not in my name - lebanese law provides for the death penalty by public
hanging - unlike resistance and mysteries, we performed, not in the theaters
for an intellectual audience, but in public squares in beirut and tripoli for
thousands of workers and unemployed - the workshoppers were afraid that those
people would be unavailable to our message and might respond violently, but
the play coaxed them into openess and we were able to initiate a real
dialogue - said and mohammed write, "before this work, we were with death
penalty but after the work and the discuss with you and the students we
change our mind - this is wright because what can we do if we kill the
murder, we will be murders also" - we collaborated on this, too, with a
wonderful group called movement for people's rights (hukuk madania) - they
say they're the only pacifist movement in the arab world outside of palestine
and with the workshop group, we created a new piece for khiam, the sla
torture house just a short walk from kiryat shimona (from the prison
ramparts, the neat rows of modern houses across the border look just like an
american subdivision) - a curious place to take our first glimpse of israel -
the prison compound is now a torture museum where we met a woman who now
lives in california, she had come back with her 2 young children to convince
them that the years of imprisonment, electric torture and rape that she
survived really happened, something they find hard to believe in bakersfield
- we performed with the workshoppers in the prison courtyard - there were
lengthy, intense discussions with the hezbollah authorities - they wanted a
written text to censor and told us that their could be no physical contact
between male and female actors - we held firm, and in the end they relented
and we did it our way - they were enough moved by the piece to invite us to
do it a second time, sending people into the surrounding villages to invite
the locals we also did a collaboration with local musicians, improvising theatrical
actions while reading and singing Wilde's ballad of reading gaol and as a sort
 of grace-note, we also, for the european documentary film, did  the last scene
 of antigone amid the giant roman ruins of baalbek

we celebrated judith's 75th in tripoli - a very musical party where they made
her cut the cake with a huge scimitar

many in lebanon told us they feel changed by our passage, and this time, we
feel changed, too, though it's difficult to say just how

hanon reznikov 17/6/01


One of the founders of the group
Julian Beck
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