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Drone Stuff  Page for some info on  the "flying drone/ mine killer project.  
"Kill the mine not the people., "Wage peace not war." Albert Einstein, R@wman.           Welcom to my note book

 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah ! Yeah!  As they say, "who care's" this issue is so Lady Diana & Mother Taressa till 911, now it might be
the new ground zero. Think about removing any legitimate reason to not believe we are the good guys, do something.
Friday, April 13, 2001
-hidden disasters waiting to happen--are buried around the world
 in nearly 70 countries.  And at the rate people are currently working
to find and remove these threats, the United Nations' Landmine
 Database estimates the job will take another 1,100 years.
 Potential victims don't have that long to wait.

     Google search United Nations' Landmine Database

 110 Million land mines in 70 nations
This is 10 times the number of Human
 Beings that perished in the Holocaust
 of WW2.
                      Are you unhypnotized?
Do the math It's nearly half of  the total
 population living in America.  

thegiganticheartlessmultinationalcorp.com Not Concept for the various steps.
1.)  Budget this total project and map it out synchronous with the R&D budget
       New IPO Dot.com

2.)  Find the funding for locating the110 million land mines  in all 70 nations

3.) Create a  real time global map representing the 70 nations using NASA Land Sat
     Radio X ray satellite  etc.

 4.) R&D the Flying Drone device that can find the land mine “Low & Slow”.

5.) R&D the Random Ground Drone device that can detonate the land mine on the site.
Factor in conductive polymers in the production costs
( Using Cell-phone and satellite chip technology to “announce that a land-mine has ben
detonated, so that it can be removed from the WWW real time map & from the list .Promote
 this project in countries with radio & TV& video streaming of the mine
removal process.  

( Using intagratedCell-phone Chip Technology to “announce that a Land-mine has ben detonated so that it is can
 be removed from the WWW real time map & from the . (Creat a digital IGY map showing a semi realtime spot
 representing the numerous mine fields in the 70 countries with video streaming of the mine removal process.)  
Work with any body.

The land mine is an anti personnel weapon simply calling it a device denies the
fact that they are designed to kill and maim children.

I want to  make a "Drone Land Mine spotter
 with GPS"& What animal is this Idea most like.
Charles Mingus  III Oct ,21 ,2001
 The Wasp's & Hornet stings & lay eggs that kill there host when they feed!
One thing I always ask myself before I "design " something is what animal is this thing most like.
Then I collect anything I can find about that animal pictures, text & toy molds . In some cases the "project" is a combination
 of several creature features. Examples of animal qualities in designs borrowed from nature are 1.) Mosquito wing = Windshield
 wiper and 2.) Football Shoulder pad = Lobster tail.  Real corn ball but it works if you also search in two directions at the same
ti IGY me. That way you discover things in a crossover that you might not ever find if you were not using a telescope on one eye
and a microscope on the other eye . I mean this metaphorically. Did you know that a Dolphin has 2 brains one that can sleep &
 "dream" while the other talks and hunts for food also the shape of  it's skull allows for not only sonar speech but fish killing blasts
 down  it's tuning fork like nose. Also note they share there labor like a bunch of Quakers. In fact they are a lot like Quakers they don't
 make war like the Ant, the only creature other than human that does.

     Land mine search ,Flying drone mine finder mapper,GPS.
????????????????????????? it was there!

... Landmines Detection Methods Using Swarms of Simple Robots Riccardo Cassinis ARL -
Advanced Robotics Laboratory Department of Electronics for Automation ...

This one is still at it

Results 1 - 10 of about 6,280. Search took 0.33 seconds.
 Category:Society > Issues > War, Weapons and Defense > Landmines
pay dirt!!!
Robo mine bot...

                           http://www.telespec.co.uk/mainline.html [12/23/2001 4:27:50 AM]


      © 2000-2002 Mingus Designs

ONE Concept :  Drop a bunch from a plane float a bunch  to the shore toss like a
 grenade it finds the mine and blows it up sooner or later. Misquote wing
 Windshield wiper analogy.
"Curly Joe" A random pattern land searching mine destroyer image
 ( these guys moove fast )

Think Flexibal Photo Voltaic Ribbed case+ Plastic Cup =  Fly wheel with an arm +
 Wheeley Body  +Piezo Solid State Giro+motor battery + Cellphone GPS+ Other
micro controoler + A self  powered selfe distructing land mine thumping toy ready
 for the Wireless Game market.  Via . 110 million Souls+ a Profit margin that includes
 a mass marketed web prensence.
© 2000-2002 Mingus Designs


                               Oil Can   + Nilo-wire    Plastic Cup with a lid & straw...
© 2000-2002 Mingus Designs
 1. Pulsing Fizzing expands ans contracts " Piezo Liquid " adds weight, to trigger
 the land mine detonator device. Inflatable sphere and wheel control direction &
Tred ridges will ad bounce to the mine bumper. The method of inflation/deflation
 is not mechanical but chemical & electro mechanical.  So far the expanding vessel
 [ will be]  is rubberized Kevlar. Stranger than fiction see below .

I want to  make a "Drone Land Mine spoter with GPS"
"Curly Joe" A random pattern land searching mine destroyer image NA
Rooling all over the ground like a herd of cats.


© 2000-2002 Mingus Designs

 1. "Piezo Liquid  liquid muscle" adds weight and volume", to trigger the mine detonator
 device  Inflatable sphere and wheel control direction & The addition read ridges will ad
sufficient bounce to the mine bumper on order to detonate it . The method of inflation/
deflation is not mechanical but chemical & electro- mechanical.  So far the vessel is a
 rubberized Kevlar.

Think Photo Voltaic ribbed Plastic Cup =  fly wheel with an arm + wheeley +toy+
motor battery + cellphone GPS self district  by thumping  the land mine after
 it calls up the virtual map via satellite and gives its position.
Now some of my BS ]
 1. Pulsing Fizzing "Piezo Liquid " adds weight, to trigger the mine detonator device Inflatable
 sphere and wheel control direction & The  addition read ridges will ad suficiant bounce to the
 mine bumper on order to detonate it . The method of inflation/deflation is not mechanical but
 chemical & electro- mechanical.  So far the vessel is a rubberized Kevlar. [ OK ]
"Wage peace not war." Einstein
            What animal is this idea most like.
Charles Mingus  III Oct ,21 ,2001
 The Wasp's & Hornet stings & lay eggs that kill there host when they feed!  One thing I always ask myself before I "design " something is what animal is this thing most like.Then I collect anything I can find about that animal picturs, text & toy modles . In some cases the "project" is a combination of several creature features. Examples of animal qualities in designs borrowed from nature are 1.) Mosquito wing = Windshield wiper and 2.) Football Shoulder pad = Lobster tail.Real corn ball but it works if you also search in two directions at the same time. That way you discover things in a crossover that you might not ever find if you were not using a telescope on one eye and a microscope on the other eye . I mean this metaphorically.Did you know that a Dolphin has 2 brains one that can sleep & "dream" while the other talks and hunts for food also the shape of  it's skull allows for not only sonar speach speech but with fish killing blasts  down it's tuning fork like nose. Also note they share there labor like a bunch of Quakers.(Christian Commies?) In fact they are a lot  like Quakers they don't  make war like the Ant, the only creature other than
human that does.

© 1998-2000 Mingus Designs
"We dont have any art we do every thing the best we can."


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 get more info on the reference rembember to use your back
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NEW! as of Dec 2001
Ground Penetrating Radar
... Detection of landmines and minefields
And the winner is !
Foliage and Ground Penetrating Radar
... Detection of landmines and minefields. •,
Mapping of terrain beneath forest canopies.
For Further Information about Foliage &
Ground Penetrating Radar Contact: Dr ...


Internet2: Internet2 Website
... Showcase. Do you have a project ... examples.
Thanks, and happy holidays! [Past Showcases].
 News Releases. ... Description: Managing the Internet2
project for future high-performance networking applications.
Category: Science > Institutions > ... > University Laboratories and Research Centers www.internet2.edu/ - 17k -
 Fresh! 27 Dec 2001 - Cached - Similar pages
Reserch RE :
•  Mapping of buried bunkers, cables, pipelines,
 and unexploded ordnance (UXO)


Take a plane, fly it over a big piece of land with a 24,0000 dot-per-inch resolution
 scanner, and get a survey that  is accurate to one-tenth of an inch per vertical foot
of elevation. And it costs about one-tenth as much as a regular survey…

Aerial Digital Mapping And Photogrammetric Surveying Land & Mapping Services

 Awards Intro

Robotics Institute: Robotic Subsurface Mapping Using Ground ...
... buried pipes, hazardous waste, landmines and other buried objects ... can autonomously gatherand process Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data. The ...

New technologies will speed up mine clearance
... CSIRO) to further develop CSIRO's ground penetrating radar system
 to detect and
identify small plastic landmines. This system enables the detection of ...

As of 2001

 Land mines How they work what they look like


More results
... mine has a mechanical vibration fuse which responds to sustained pressure by ... to possess
an artillery supported landmine delivery system. The importance which ...

    PERÚ, Landmine Monitor Report 2001
    ... mines destroyed included the PMA-3 with fuse PUMA3, MGP 30 (CICITEC)
 with anti ... reported in June. Press reports as Landmine Monitor was going
 to print indicated ...
    [ More results from www.icbl.org ]

EZ-LandMine... EZ-LandMine Biodegradable Landmine, ...
 My solution is to make the fuse or perhaps the whole mine
 biodegradable. The landmines could still be bought in the same ...

Hidden Killers 1998: The Global Landmine Crisis
... act of making a mine safe by removing the fuse or igniter.
 The procedure normally removes one or ... purpose of alleviating
 the effects of the landmine problem. ...

Howstuffworks "How Landmines Work"
... blast mine. We also examine the M16 bounding/fragmentation landmine. ...
 M16 is made of three main parts: a mine fuse, a propelling charge to lift the
 mine and a ...

    Howstuffworks "How Landmines Work"
    ... Landmine Terms: Belleville spring - A piece of curved steel ...
burns for a set time before igniting a fuse or explosive; Detonator -
A small amount of explosive ...
    [ More results from www.howstuffworks.com ]

Care: Info Center: Special Reports: Landmine Info Center: How ...
... death from a severe head injury caused by a direct hit from the tip of the mortar
fuse. Even the best care would not have saved his life. ... Back to Landmine Home. ...

... 1. Landmine arsenal Swedens Defence Force has antipersonnel,
 antivehicle ... in stock.
It is a classic pressure-fuse blast mine, weighing approximately 230 g, with ...

... 2 charges C4A, 1 napalm canister, fragmentation casing, proximity
 fuse casts 1 x 'heat blast' Class D Proximity Landmine: 2 charges Micronite,
1 napalm canister ...

Magazine Issue 3: Feature / Landmines - hidden and deadly
... international law by stressing that there is a new type of landmine around containing
complex fuse technology that causes the mine to self-destruct after a ...
                This group has a real solid looking mill speck product profile
Research Topic Chiefs: Dr. David Stepp, ARO, 919-549-4329, steppd@arl.aro.army.mil

  FY2002 MURI Topic #5  Submit proposals and letters of intent to the Army Research Office


  Background: Explosives detection in an urban warfare environment is highly relevant to identify explosives in
  vehicles, booby traps in buildings, and in landmines. Landmine detection technologies currently fielded or in
  development (electromagnetic induction, ground penetrating radar, electro-optical sensors, etc.) detect features
  that are not unique to landmines. As a result, when used for landmine detection, all these technologies, alone or
  in combination, suffer from unacceptably high false alarm rates. In order to reduce those false alarm rates, sensor
  technologies need to be developed that exploit characteristics specific to all landmines, namely the explosives.

  Substantial research in the past 3 years has revealed that small amounts of explosive related constituents emitted
  from a landmine. Among the many different signature compounds emitted from a landmine in the vapor phase,
  2,4-DNT is the most common nitroaromatic compound in terms of detecting buried landmines. 2,4-DNT is also
  prevalent on the soil surface but is somewhat seasonally dependent. Much of the existing work on chemical
  sensors has focused on detecting a single component of the landmine signature in vapor phase; a broader
  approach is necessary.

  Compounds emitted from a landmine can be present in the form of vapor, in aqueous solution, or in the
 solid state adsorbed to soil particles. The greatest amounts of landmine relevant chemicals at the ground
 surface above a landmine are found in the soil. Since landmine detection sensors are intended for use in
 support of a highly mobile force, the sensor system needed must be able to detect and identify the presence
 of buried landmines in real time or in very near real time. The speed at which trace chemical sensors must
 work is also a function of the extremely  heterogeneous nature of the signature requiring either a large number
of small samples to be analyzed very quickly  or extreme sensitivity to allow a larger and thus more dilute sample
 to represent a larger area.

  Objective: Establish a multidisciplinary research center with the goal of contributing to the fundamental
  of chemical sensing for the real time detection of trace explosives. This out of necessity will include
  multidisciplinary research in engineering, biology, chemistry, materials, and physics.

  Research Concentration Areas:

  The research should focus on two primary areas of interest: 1. Determining the precise nature of the trace
  chemical signature of a buried landmine, the mechanism by which the signature is developed, and the key
  environmental events that significantly alter that signature. 2. Develop more effective technologies and
  techniques for rapid trace explosives and related compounds detection.

  LANDMINE SIGNATURE AND SAMPLING: The goal is to begin to understand the factors that control the
chemical signature of a landmine, for example humidity, temperature, case material, depth, burial age, and
 soil type.
  Understanding how the signature manifests itself enables a determination of how any sensor technology
  will be most effective. Understanding of the landmine signature will guide the development of sampling
  methodologies to be used with sensor system. Understanding where the analytes of interest are located with
  respect to a buried mine will lead the development of rapid sampling techniques.

  TRACE EXPLOSIVES SPECIFIC SENSORS: Development of a multi target sensor system based on those compounds found in the chemical signature of a landmine is of critical need. The goal of the proposed work will facilitate an understanding of the fundamental principles that determine sensor response to nitroaromatic
compounds. Sensor response to interfering compounds (referred to as interferents, natural or synthetic) will be studied in the development of sensors. Also special emphasis will be placed on signal amplification technologies
 to aid in the sensing of extremely small amounts of explosive related compounds expected above buried landmines.

  Close collaboration with DoD laboratories and scientists is highly desirable.

  Impact: Recent advances in trace chemical sensing technology and in particular mine detection technology
  shows fantastic promise, but key problems remain in sensing materials, interferents, signature understanding and
  quantification. Research pursued in by this initiative holds the promise of providing the scientific foundation that
  will spur the development of landmine detection that is lightweight, low cost, and reliable. Additionally, the
  research in this program has the potential to contribute to other soldier situational awareness tasks and other
  military uses for trace chemical detection.

 It is possible to apply technologies developed from this program  towards detection of any chemical signature including the signature of chemical and biological agents, the odor of enemy forces, the physiological condition
of the warfighter, and tainted water supplies. The advances in explosive detection will carry over to applications relevant to domestic protection, for example in public transportation (air,  rail, and water) and at public events. Additional government applications include monitoring treaty compliance,customs inspection, and environmental monitoring of explosives contaminated military facilities.

  Research Topic Chief: Dr. Stephen J. Lee, ARO, 919-549-4365, slee@arl.aro.army.mil


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NEW !UAV related
2.) http://www.adroit.com/sitemap/sitemap.htm                                                                                 3.) htp://images.google.com/images?q=uav&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wi
Search 4 land mine @ Google:Search>http://images.google.com/images?num=20&hl=en&im
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#4 The Real Patriotic Words of  JFK
                                       About Robert C. Michelson's Drone Project



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Scientific American: News In Brief: Neutrons
for Land Mine Detection: October 30, 2000
Friday, April 13, 2001

  For some in Bosnia, springtime
  means time to find, clear land mines

        here it is  Date: 18 Oct 2001 00:11:20 -0700 From:
  Cary Fisher sent these Links
somewhere in the the ufo community site is a link to steve neil's site .

RE: Drone project My idea is to use small swap able motor ,
Paper cellphone & GPS technology. A plastic body  & a wankel
 motor ( they make small ones for bikes ) , or use a high tork
electric not sure yet what  motor.
Be well
 Land Mine Hunter &  Search @ Google
FYI About Robert C. Michelson's Drone Projec

 Hi All
Search Land Mine

google search  Drone

Wankle Moror


Ah but I digress ....

David Crockett Williams gear2000@lightspeed.net
Offering "The Legal Revolution"

General Agency Services gear2000@lightspeed.net

Global Peace Walk 2000
Updates/Voicemail 415-267-1877

Global Emergency Alert Response

USCampaign gear2000@onemain.com
D C Williams for President, Leonard Peltier for VP

Science & Technology in Society & Public Policy List

The Vision of Paradise on Earth, DCWilliams

Nuclear Disarmament & Economic Conversion Act

Easy way to Email Media and Government


United Nations Mine Action Centre Category:
Society > Issues >
War, Weapons and Defense > Landmines
Landmine Survivors Network - Rehabilitation Database...
 Service (UNMAS)
and United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), Landmine
Survivors Network ... in the Rehabilitation Database. The networks ...

Landmine Survivors Rehabilitation Database - Care and ...  
... resources." International Guidelines for Landmine and Unexploded
Ordnance Awareness ... Office of Emergency Programs, United Nations
Children's Fund (UNICEF ...

    Landmine Survivors Rehabilitation Database - Glossary of Terms
    ... Mine Database — A collection of ... map producing capability
 (United Nations, International Standards for ...
[ More results from www.lsndatabase.org ]

Landmine Survivors Rehabilitation Database - Landmine Affected ...
... The United Nations Demining Database by United Nations
 The World Factbook by Central
Intelligence Agency The Worldwide Epidemic of Landmine Injuries: The ICRC ...

 Landmine Survivors Rehabilitation Database - Landmine Affected ...
... not represent the official views of the United Nations or any of its official bodies
    or ... Copyright 2000 Landmine Survivors Network. All Rights Reserved ...
    [ More results from www.lsndatabase.com ]

Summary of Land Mine WWW pages
... Demining Database; United Nations
Home Page United States: ... International Human Rights
Database Other pages to be ... mines; Ottawa Notebook;
Landmine Hazards in Bosnia ...

UN Mine Action - Projects
... In Angola. REQUESTING AGENCY : United Nations
Development Programme (UNDP). ... and
recorded at the national landmine database. 565 of these have ...

Virginia Tech AVT Links
... Technology Center at the EPFL; The Mine Warfare Association;
 United Nations Landmine Database; The WWW VL Public Health:
 Selected Topics - Landmines Detection ... filebox.vt.edu/eng/mech/AVT/links/links.html -
Students Against Landmines: Bibliography ... Treasure Hunt resources:  
United Nations Landmine Database; Schools Demining Schools:
Factsheet; Schools Demining Schools: Teaching Units, Scourge of Landmines; ...
"Somebody Blew Up America"
By  Amiri Baraka

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Thousands Expected to Surf Angolan Minefield Website
 By Penny Dale, OneWorld Africa

Summary of Land Mine WWW pages

I did not set them up
Sorrry not all of the links are active
Lists of lists of WWW pages on LandMines: