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Ouchygobeldegook C4 Rwman 2

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  sound and pictures) or an audio CD player. Included is a floppy
 disc  interactive CD booklet.  Emergency Broadcast Network: Joshua
  Pearson (vocals, programming); Ron O'Donnell (DJ); Gardner Post.
   Additional personnel: Grand Master Melle Mel (vocals); Jamie  West-
Oram (guitar); Brian Eno  (keyboards; Jack Dangers (DJ, special effects)
 ; Bill Laswell (special effects, bass); Institute Of Technology (special        
  effects). Samples include "Jungle Boogie"  (as performed by Kool & The  
       Gang), "Foxy  Lady" (Jimi  Hendrix), "Taxi Driver"  (Bernard  Hernmann) and
 "Aladdin Sane" (David Bowie).

Charles Mingus III © 1998-2000 Mingus Designs Copyright all rights reserved 2000

The machine simulates and stimulates kind of like a wind chime
but with words a sort of digital William H .Burrow's  (Grone!)
Random John Cagey thing  what I want is an end user so I burn
it on to a CD and make the samples small as I can  for the system
so the CD will play back the text with more  ( as many as possibal )
random clips. To liisten to the text below via the tex to speach and
speach to text result of the week of  Sept 10 Please use
"Readplease "down load  read please  pick the slow speed/
deep pitch to play the text below .
  Click This > http://readplease.com/ <Click This

And  download and install the program and import this text
into it ...

Stop at this point and read this.
 Please don't read this text...
 It is a machine text compellation, NOT meant to be thought of as logical or to be Edited Reader  it is a
collage of various texts and will not be edted persay.  Because  its in this page for people that are using
this text and other texts  as matirial  they  initiate
into Speech 2 Text and text 2 speech soft ware....

That " final text will be part of a series Rawman "performance ...At some future time...


Well to add up for you to a timely maturity STOP STOP STOP THIS IS NOT FUNNY

HA HA HA HA HA ,JKAJFJ KLL Well to add up for you to a timely maturity of you can't level of the judicial evolution helping around the restricted but just inconceivable that love the campus in Pasadena California while the real victim of the CIA boxes that subareolar with because bloom I've played under his will watch campaign's thinking all its paranoia block and was in granting like this could offer an anthology invisible death raise just in case the stuff as were could be agreeable his cage exists for the critical ridiculous do we ventured and implausible real golf such beliefs and there I suggest to religions to religions can be creating that's why I have a single page for the Reebok or manifesto golf fans who are in the group leader just impossible universal unconscious stream of consciousness that transition to the auditory legislation that glory single head them is basically the weight or entrance were launch of crushed red women over to a nuclear of the into a point in it could happen to bed on shamed ashamed with velvet toward hear starts in the number of all the bureaucracy teammates in the emergency award New York City itself domiciled some say explaining the method you must employ to get your meds and out to neutralize them so you can actually leave the hospital live in contact a victim of silicone surgery or even chemical street jacket his folks there were actually fictional cheese box within in the CIA the ability to the garden and well yes there is an always has been shuttled government shall watch you'll likely will never know if you are real lucky for guests united personnel in Southeast Asia brought in Seoul hero into the U.S. 42 years their own well smuggled inside the returning corpses of American military men who died in Vietnam and sold to major should hear them get those cynical off the corrupt hero in India in the go to student is do himself shortly before he hero loss to do with ashamed Hall's civilizations have a record hubris them is ultimately talked to have the evidence was can't receive a true to ignore data our time come crashing down as the guy is affordable what made from fees together do we ventured by blades which lies buzzing around his head claiming that the resident lobbying curled harbor to be blond or China got their atomic bombs from the see a lovely heroine during the '60s and suitable gang was get a lot of invisible line in the option visibly and delivery and to him I told you shall I told you showed up to God I told you show I told you show I told you show I told you show trade real opportunity to some shortly in the Nazi and the guy with the sugar and that's a pirate I touched openness in the back and voting is forward inch bunch toward invisible emotional of this may be our balls for some cringe territorial evil maniac got a them is politics in a nutshell my controlled bench coach or one-on-one watch it becomes we're ultimately held by for toll-free little or at least them every other one must act and they did some fashion from should now elections dedicate ourselves alone were goal should shun the wee alone can choose if we are still ambulatory and cognitive we still have a chance to get it right are at devote you can they have had awarded see in treatingfor my contro I can't level of born on the larger stuff and but just I can't level of the increaselled stuff the guy memory of you can't level of this version of go skulking around the restricted but just inconceivable that love the campus in Pasadena California while the real victim of the CIA boxes each that subareolar with a them is bloom I've played under his will watch campaign's thinking all its air,.go to block and was in granting like this could offer an anthology invisible death raise just in case the stuff as were could be agreeable his cage exists for the critical ridiculous do we ventured and implausible real golf such beliefs and there I suggest delusions delusions can be creating that's why I have a single page for the Reebok or manifesto golf fans who are in the group leader just impossible universal unconscious stream of consciousness that transition to the auditory legislation that glory single head them is basically the way or entrance were launch of crushed red women over to a nuclear of the into a point in it could happen to Medon shame the same without award here stuck in the Edward of all the bureaucracy teammates in the emergency award New York City itself as a missile some say explaining the method you must employ to get your manage and known to neutralize them so you can actually lead the hospital live and contact modicum of psychosurgery or even chemicals trade jacket his folks there were actually makes about she's watching them in the CIA didn't what they are dead know yesterday and always has been a shadow government shall want you likely will never know if you are real lucky what you CIA personnel in Southeast Asia brought in Seoul hero in the U.S. 40 years Caroline Welch bungled inside the returning corpses of American military men who got into a long been sold configuration of your them get loose; out of the corrupt hero in India the do finished in that can kill himself shortly before he hero loss to do the same old civilizations have a third-quarter hubris them is ultimately toxic and the Americans most CAM Toshiba choose to ignore you in our time come crashing down as the do I beautiful and made from each together dialing medicine fibroids we live living around his head claiming that the resident beloved girl harbor to be blond or China for their atomic bombs from the sealant rear owned during the '60s and suitable gang was checked a lot of invisible line and corruption visibly into oblivion and I told you shall I told you showed.com I told you shall I told you should know I told you shall I told you shall pay real opportunity to some sort we may not see and the guy with the cylinder,.and that the tyrant I touch will emerge in the back in a junior forward inch bunch toward a visible emotional is maybe our balls for children's gubernatorial evil maniac just a guy who can perceive you or may have lesser and act accordingly nothing more should Mr. them a following the golden rule got but that is politics in a nutshell my controlled vasculature one-on-one watch the difference we are ultimately held by for golf reader will at least a memory of it was much to act and they did some fashion from should now correction is benefit ourselves will enroll should shun the real world can choose if we are still ambulatory and cognitive we still have a chance to get it right heart that it will you can they have been bumble at GE and 3 for a do you go to a do so you to execute had asked me to read is larger than 16,000 bytes I will read as much as I can shoot you one black men ruled the world World Wide Web going to validate points,flow and underscored seriesfor those of you g one
   © 1998-2000 Mingus Designs  08 / 18 / 01 Charles Mingus III More mind control stuff. I can't imagine that all of this stuff is true, but just in case that guy I met 35 years ago skulking around the fringes of the campus in Pasadena CA was a real victim  of the CIA? Nazis etc. with his aluminum pie plate under his wool watch cap & stinking of "Piss,
 paranoia pot & Booze" and ranting like a schizophrenic ( about chip implants in the human brane) and , and dodging invisible death rays...

 Just in case this stuff is or could be real, this page exists for the critical, the ridiculous,  the wholly absurd and
the plausible root of such beliefs and, dare I suggest, delusions. Delusions can be tricky that's why I have a single
page for the Uni Bomber Manifesto. Not Manson or any group leader, just the possible universal unconscious stream
 of  consciousness that "transition" or that "Auditory Hallucination," that voice IN the head  that is basically YOU
awake or In a trance, Or a long suppressed Rant boiling over to a new clarity, in to a poem. (It could happen!) The
mad gone sane, the sane without a clue  or a care, stuck in the amber of all that bureaucracy.

The inmates in the emergency ward (NYC it self is an asylum some say) explaining the  method you must employ
 to get your med's and how to neutralize them so you can actually leave the hospital alive and intact "not a victim of
Psycho surgery" or in a chemical straight jacket .

Yes folks there were actually X  Nazis, lots of them, in the CIA. They admit it, but they are dead, no? Yes there is and
 always has been a  Shadow Government, so what? You likely won't ever know if you are real lucky .
Yes CIA personnel in southeast Asia brought and sold heroin to the US. For eight years, heroin was smuggled inside
 the returning corpses of American military men who died  in Vietnam- then sold to major city urban ghettos.

Just like in the Living Theater Play The Connection  with Waren Finity ,Canada  Lee's kid Carl Lee & that tenor sax
 player Jackey Mc Leen .

 Seneca was the tutor of Nero and in the end Nero, his student, had him kill himself shortly before He, Nero, was
 to do the same. All civilizations have at their core a hubris  that is ultimately toxic. And that arrogance, most can
perceive but choose to ignore, may  in our time come crashing down as the guy in the foil hat made from pieced
together  Dolly Madison Alumunum Pie Plates with flies buzzing around his head claiming That  The president
 wanted Pearl Harbor to be bombed! That the  FBI was was Corrupt or china got their Atomic Bombs from the sale
 of Heroinin partner ship with the Mafis & CIA during the 60's, dances a Bo Jangles tat-too on an invisible plank &
 drops invisibly into oblivion singing I told you so, I told you so...

Hey, we are all on a plank of some sort we may not see and the guy with the scimitar and that fake pirate eye patch
 poking us in the back and nudging us forward inch by  inch toward a visible emotional abyss may be our boss, not
some conspiratorial evil maniac, just a guy who can perceive you or me as lesser and act accordingly.

 Nothing more sinister than not following the "golden rule." Ah, but that is politics in a  nut shell. Mind control mass
 culture one-on-one, what's the difference? We are ultimately  held by fact of free will or at least a memory of it. One
must act and think in some fashion. Who should our actions benefit, ourselves alone or all society? We alone can
 choose. If we are still ambulatory and cognitive, we still have a chance to get it right .

  R@wman & Mud Boy CM3

Hey this is really happening its a killing machine just like in the movies but they kill with robots called land mines or something like that any way the landmine's  cut off your legs or both the arms or take out a kids eye this makes a lot of fear and pain and this is especially wasteful I
winder why they just want to smash the children with out eating them?

 This is definitely a point  making it clear and clear finding it has happened that there are in
 a cells a get alone making children with a there who do  though didn't what the men you didn't what you will be so can do you wouldn't except as ruling the women that reproduce massive numbers of childre a good use for the moment you you didn't know the moment don't want what  and a view toward the in the model of M do you wouldn't number of them men than owning wise as objects of ar and them to him you -- a women will be r mutually remain removed other women as h ovthe than a good use o the community or warm use in  happ a she still in past times with slavery men ruled ove little didn't know well as the minimum other men using other men as leeway bar wars using proxy so will men become obsolete and women be calm proxy men genetic reproduction d and from a she and the the than the production o phone well a required in a minimum and not require men to make women or men men if finished the Cleveland Indians to the she did either as the him talked of as species prerogative have exceeded in their extinction by their greed isn applicant has had  undem to a huge an in half times the him you are fellows which  the him you me so I was the fees our heads and she units from the a shortage were moment and from the him we minimum me so r land emblems still fulfilling punished the love th and appetites men and inneeded for you and their zealous pursuit of power have succeePineville will live in a in excluding  community is going to mill and severing themselves from the species by chthe city yesterday or by ac by savings a these designs remain in at this good wi in every day eventuall you were the wounded went templat to learn SKUs shall her leg self-fulfilling noodles do alarm  commercial other veget are running is really hardly anything left surethis half of broccoli get s and I know a lot of amusements green bwhich simply the bar in prophecy is a side.Death is a long,long sleep.Sleep is a short, short death that softens  but does end life's grief & road kill pie
we are not in China. I don't owe any thing brick with brown marks .
 and provisions are intact com and taken to an is going tothe leading and I OK go .  to help by the instantly to  will launole law desires amusements recently and I'm w that are in whole old core air do legacy by. men say the essay. by savings on. atks and provisions are intact an human him the leading and I O to help by the instantly taken case the shelf in my liquid brick n morter brown mar
  than the legislative loaded IRA .you and 86 elective targets. and cilantroI cahear again and all luggage they China and I think the group read three I can read laws and 30 is working for live men say the essay by savings on the other legislative road hurried your 86 elective targets and see lateral that's Sheldon did a break the code the amount to  "and" that's use of their unmaking.
noodles do I make sure get some green peas .are some other vegetables. are running is really hardly anything left.you know well the than. this half of broccoli. and I know what amusements.
 rcently that are in. no calls per OK say something nice. liquid brown marks. and provisions are intact. and taken to him. you and I OK. I up by the instantly .no wants his eyesAnd I'm whole lot .amusements recently. that are in whole old Core .atcase the shelf in my liquid brown marks and provisions are intact and taken. human him you and I OK. I up by the instantly. no launch desires and can I can read.I can read three I can read 1 2 30 is working for me now to hear again and China and I don't own and community go to. often to do legacy, by men say the essay by savings on that other legislative road IRA your 86 elective targets and cilantro that's.

Some did a break the code.  Some did a break the code some pronounce word correctly
 someday.  Code 1 someday a break the code one day they will break the code today it is
masking their behavior that code is used today as a tool in any day in a day there will be a weapon made out the tool. Any day there will be a tool may from the weapon.

Even diagnostics can be useful in the pursuits of constructive behavior. especially when one uses patients regarding the relevant matters. Which for decision-making purposes are never agreed upon in advance.

“CHICKENS 100's of types…”
Chickens Wya ! Therws all kind ah! Chickens shoot less see then thoes Black Simatas theirs Bantum breed of Ring Neck Samertrn's N tho's Jersey White Giants dumb clucks inbreed till There too Dang stupid to Shit (poop) Hell There Al-Lbal Ta blow up on you as peck your eyes out just Caus they CAN almost flap n' claw up to your face as quick as lightning...If you lett um!...Mumm! Less See now thers Two Half Dozen type O! Leggerns Ans Er? Um! Thers Dorkens D-O--R KINGS Hal what a name dork king heads Ha! Ha! and OSTRA-LITHS…OSTRA LORPHS Than it OSTRALORPHS…BARBER, There a hundred variety of chickens, from every whear on earth, modern breeders play with them like they was machines. (Just about Aint Got No Natural Nothing LEFT ) NEW HAMP SHIRE ..RED, Plymouth Rock, RED, BLACK N, WHITE, AGAIN THERE BEEREED to White as a sorta last legs towrope or tie-up on that GENETIS ER? GENETIC DIA CIA I MEAN DNA PATENTS. THEM BIG MULTI NATIONALS GOT CLEAR PATENTS ON A BREED OF LIGHT BORMAN? BORMAN? BRAMEN SORT OF A STAND OFF ON THIS “TIME OF THE HIGH-TECH-DARK AGES” DE People “IS” Gosst'a Haz! Ther! CHICKUNS YOU ALL!!
(the customer is all Wise right? right!)
...KNOW WHAT I MEAN?...BEEP LABELED, BUILT IN…in THERE SKIN LIKE A BRAND...on their shaved butts!. The Good old Road Island Red is now the GOOD OLD ROAD o ALIENED READ # A/ID 32-908766786-/000.4 type (B) Orated or Aerated IRRRRRRAIATED, RADIATED THAT WOULD BE IRRITATED IF THEY HAD ANY BRAIN, YAHA! THAS CAUS-THERE OWNERS DIDN'T want uM to be distracted by ANY THING SO THEY DESIGNED UM WITH OUT ANY HEAD JUST A CONSTANTLY GORGING GULLET ATTACHED TO A, TO A PULSING FEED TUBE, LOOK DANG SUPER TO ME, HA! HA! THE SUPER CHICKENS BORN on a long slow moving conveyer belt all there hole life is ATTACHED TO A I .V. TYPE TUBE RUNNING AND SLIPPING ON A DUMB TREAD MILL. SURE SOME BRAKE OFF, of there own accord some die In a pile of Feathers N, Ilks of all breeds and persuasions, but most do what there DESIGNED to do, Pump-up On There Slot or Track on the tread mill and swallow down whats pumped in to uM, as far as that goes, thoes hose sucking birds are being fed the chopped up remains of there less agile brothers, its ridiculous. “ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU GO LACTO-OVA or even Vigen???”
I Love My Beer Battered Honey Mustard Dipped, Extra Crispy Micro Waveable Mystery Meat.
“Just like Momna usto make
“Yea !” .,,“Yea”... “Yaea!”
“YO! you Bet?” “Me too”
“Mee TO!” Pass the Plutonium please!”

When Black men ruled the world o to ha! Egypt

 during the golden agee not is availableyet orde wee American now extending our Christmas offer elevated free gift with the courage is augmented delights sat through Feb. 1998 80 to happy to hear the January preview the following our highlights of the January 1997 issue off maps gone late profile cannibal one of the greatest gender roles of handshake which the revelation candidates that place of the blacks and symbolized in that need your connection or hieroglyphics and related issues by cheating and Staten Island Institute of EG ecology and African civilization featured story of this did like viewers denied by them is story goal research departments was Jesus black the early '80s guards and missile is on all that continents were black research has yielded on impressive amount of material on the subject to missile is some of you lived many centuries before Friday's head lives which still closely parallel benefit of Christ that it seems most likely checked the story of the latter was adapted from them more  over the word always comes from me India in Krishna or Krishna which means that line wanted J. A. Rogers many of  that Madame is painted in the early days centuries of Christ I got word lack according to historians and it wasn't until  the renaissance that it became popular to be about Mother of Christ that features of the flooring team made it lacks layer bracket of white woman right sclera brack keeps the Washington Post religion made for 1979 hearing in the United States well over to 95 percent of the 27 to 30 million people off the African descent are Christians and they shall I did most of the rest of the Christian world in observing the herd of Jesus on Dec. 25th Christmas Gainey know there is still wrinkled day-care has received the recognition adoration and I'm questioned loyalty of black people in the Western world next Jesus has yet to his like to their alliance credit risk bank for can't worship of Jesus the black people in the Americas or elsewhere ever have raised the question of whether he was black and whether the doctrine  that he is housed one of the African origin trained by wind theologians or toxic and white owned controlled or finance Cemetery's fee and orange black minister will not only in my next Jesus was at black man and claimed that it is stated folks amazed that question of his color but also will exist next xz Jesus was colorless and declare that the blue- eyed blond painting of income running over that ministers will it is just a white reflection of cries ski numbers analogyt is quite understandable bed that the metaphysical black Christians  who generally to hold their ministers in a high esteem blindly continued to both before gray suit and worship of blue-eyed blond stranger whom they have come to develop as Jesus without ever questioning basic image and it's impact on them their families,.
and the black raise as a whole recognizing that he is still wrinkled significantly are his right here feel that it is trying
time that the deeply related religious beliefs about blacks be all they examined by black scholars with an eye toward
 free in the reins of false doctrines and misconceptions that were designed to for pension page line inferiority and
surveillance in state's religion claims the key enroll in withholding lack of Kenya and 19 line the game here in Africa
and Madonna is forward off this is to take instead of this article on religion is to reveal want to modern science is proving ghnostic each may match the release of golf major religions are traceable to the black people of ancient and Africa and get those of the world's vendor rated religious leaders were blacks he is hoped that he has revelations will instill a sense of pride in black people they said that day one false images will be removed from their houses of worship and before he them on the widespread assumption which is deeply embedded in their individual and collective
 subconscious that they air Curry said and doomed to fail year because they toward not created in God's image
 professor blocks Lenny V. M. Jia gave unit is one of the few black authorities on the origin of the Christian religion a
 scholar of African Jamaican and says committee he has served as the associative directory of the educational
opportunities program and a teacher in the education department at Cal Crowley college CAM believes that this
will California he is a learning specialist with expertise in frame physiology are especially the cerebral hemisphere
and has teaching credentials from the community college level in psychology education political scientists counseling
 and pupil personnel Professor Gia Gigot is also the coordinator of leadership programs at Cal Poly college a rare for
what is said later rates, or Professor G. inch unit has lectured broadly on subjects that ranged from Melanie in and
but any old land to the African roots of civilization he has offered lectured with a distinguished offer and scholar God.
  John old but she could and has traveled extensively on especially in Africa with the world renowned historian
 Dr. Diaz Benjamin shame and Professor Gia Gigot has completed a chorus requirements for the Ph.D. in education
at the University of California at Santa Barbara and he plans to sue and enter the field, e.g. ecology as an understated
the them derived Benjamin Shanahan Professor Gia in humans and expertise or early Christianity has been acquired
over the past 10 years during which time he hasn't engaged in research lecture running and writing in the United
States that Caribbean and after got the following is an interview with Professor Gia engaged in our religion and
chanterelle and the ancestry of Jesus in particular mom to Prof. Jia gauging why don't I just start with the question
before us wants pieces that black man she yet in June yes unequivocally and beyond a shadow of got to Jesus want
that black man and there is much evidence to substantiate this however before I discuss these evidence I would like
to considered in some detail who Jesus want to hand to focus on the history of Christianity because Jesus blackness
will not be fully understood or accepted without his background mom to cocaine just who was Jesus J. yet again that
is a very difficult question to answer for a Jesus loss and still is many things too many people to Christians he is a part
 of the got head of the son of got it the son of man friends of peace that word made lavish that missile of Jewish
expectation is friends through his trials suffer writings temptation is death and resurrection heat turbines for the real
 nation of sameness redemption and line in journal for those who followed his teachings and accept him as their
personnel at St. air to me he is one of the world's 16 crews have my same here is the last of them by lightheaded
whose lives in an almost identical patterns from the time of forests in 4100 B.C. according to the most ancient
 beliefs he'd want the first cruise at my same here to the time of Julius Christmas cries me and only them into the
Christian here on in acid is built line that Jesus purportedly led the activities in which he engaged his teachings is
trials and software writings and eventual back and resurrection are identical to those of quarries and also was to
ancient Egyptian gods and the other 14 crews have my sane purists this point of view or revelation will intentionally
shocking to the mascot believers is nevertheless common knowledge to discolor as so Jesus and the belief system
that he represents all it doesn't reappear and a one of the most beautiful client he is of the ancient black Africans of
can't marry down called the EG at which represented the internal father by the ever coming sound and in the child
before his face was the child, but mother who was the internal verge in the doctrines of the incarnation that is the
word made flash the virgin word for resurrection of the father got glue it is identical to his own son and other doctrines
 believed to beliefs is technically Christian authority for should long before they wanted even a concept of head them
and he should he is them Christianity and Islam mom to our what you say in fact Christianity as the related unit had
its origin is in ancient Egypt J. yet in June yes in addition to why I have just stated in the escape, G. of the Egyptians
 that is found at Trinity and our community and the Egyptians believed in accomplishments as well as everlasting
happiness not socializing way they had the doctrine of everlasting line and do believe in the resurrection of the spiritual
body are according to God, Now for church toward offering of signs and symbols of crying ordeal they had origins of
freemasonry the origin and a collision of religion the origin and a collision of the human race a samurai the brightest
and most prominent features of the EPA should religion and is we find it was there is believed before the time of the
first thing of the first dynasty that general teachings and cosmological worldview of the Egyptians eventually filtered
 down and provided the foundation formulated so-called Western religion is that is Judy is them Christianity and Islam
is point is thoroughly documented by the brilliant and prolific African scholar Dr. Joseph Benji Chan and independent
 can't take work African origins of the major Western religions Kenya's teachings weren't handed down to the
Pasadena's up mythical Jewish sect in Greek Christian times a word responsible for the development of many
of  the teachings and concepts attributed to Jesus Mom to our what you said Chastain then back to Jesus while
the Pasadena G. Arctic and there is no doubt in my mind that Jesus while the Pasadena and seemed doctrine is
directly traceable to its African Egyptian groups in shorts Jesus watch one of the world's 16 crews in my same
 year's newest beliefs and teachings weren't founded on their doctrines and principles of the ancient African mystery
system and the events of his life directly parallel those of Florida's them first crews in my same here who lived at
 least 4100 years before Friday's for example for his washboard about encouraging and immaculate conception he
 disappeared at age 12 and reappeared at 30 he died at age 13 3 and descended into the hell on the third day he he
 hero is again and I  send them into having to sit on the right hand on his father aides said Iran for his lost track into
14 pieces Jesus was stabbed 14 times for his mother could find only one piece of him his penis and so cheap building
 complex sit in his memory Jesus and the same delicate symbol associated with him that is he had no sexual
relations at least after the conference of mezzanine into 320 by any the cell as you can see Jesus and the other
 world's any appearance are copies of Horace Baruch biographical facts are the same only the names can change
 Mom to our bear hordes of Jesus line that are generally and known to the conflict GE engage in yes much if not
most of the facts surrounding his line or absolutely and known to the general public to beats is that take Baruch
is the 21 here.  On his line that is completely and accounted for in did not here is I would  argue are a critical imported
 skid understanding GUI Jesus Watson as well as the source inspiration and eventual development of his message
 attended ministry of the fact is that not only Jesus but balls of John Gabbana Kaiser and some of Jesus disciple
toward college by Egyptian priests some of the fundamentals of the African mystery system which later through
adaptations and distortion is became a foundation for why is now known as Christianity in its various forms and
manifestations of the fact that Jesus Watson emaciated in the African mystery system that Jesus wild card and
the study at various subsidiary launches into the grand launch of the sugar in Africa and elsewhere families
 kidnapped India aide said Ron the fact that it was in and forgot that Jesus became acquainted with the Pasadena's
global or largely responsible for much of the teachings credited to Jesus Mom to your team mentioning the ancient
African mystery system can you briefly tell us want to face lives GE engage in basically the African Vista raise just
don't want me to educational system on and forgot it was called the upper mystery might be much the same as EG
intelligence and other Egyptian scholar is but it was not a mystery to have forgotten as in income as many branches
 of knowledge including all of the science is the loss to the physics all of the liberal arts and a course related unit and
metaphysics for foundation of the act which wisely they're called Greek philosophy comes directly from the African
mystery system in an individual long as confirmation accompanies he can consult such books and Jenny M. James
 Starr were glad you see me the Alexander's mystery of the loss of the Alfred Weber is the mystery of philosophy
William Turner's mystery of philosophy and Denver's mystery of philosophy included in as a target of the ancient
African mystery system awarded a major beliefs contained in the so-called Western religions become beauty is
 them Christianity and Islam for those who want a closer look act is I would recommend the Egyptian block of the
dead and the ancient mystery is by C. H. Leal on another book which provides the great detail is Albert Church
towards designs and symbols of crying ordeal they had it lays down all of the Heber you Christian and didn't do
doctrines that come directly from the African mystery system of comparable book also agreed with black churc
toward ease the origin and a collision of religion popped speaking of references did you can any sources that
support George shocking revelations concerning the line of Jesus J. and if you I really steady shortly the new that
 details of Jesus line from ages 12 to 33 are documented in wee and Clarion gospel of Jesus that Christ by Levi it
gives the account of Jesus interaction with his African masters and the teachings which made discord ordered
him for their eight documents that travels of Jesus from Africa to India and his eventual return to have forgot and
confirm discount Jesus acquired his cosmological worldview in the process the world's 16 crews in my same here
 is by for seeking raise documents much of why I send us longer still lead the legacy by George G. M. James that
 kind mineable fee in rigid old New Testament women between circa 15 a fee -- 100 and the Amoco is assessed by
 Godfrey Indians the blackness I am by Albert Lynch EsQ Jr. and Jesus and Mrs. Alex Y. S. G. M P. Z. branded fee
 upon crippled New Testament by M. R. James ran him to declare a gospel on another portion of the books removed
 from the Bible the secret to books of the Egyptian nonstick line J. towards the fair are literally hundreds of references
to back got one kind has said including the work come sharing old man see me a while this bunch kill data monitors
Albert Churchward and a course the works of Johnson Benji Chan II and he is the reference is that I have given will
allow interested scholars and individuals to be given to scratch the surface of the well of material that is available on
his subject want to you keep mentioning the gasolines and the fact that Jesus lost somehow connected with them
cooling on the gasolines and have their been any scientific or archeological discoveries that document bear it existed
as he and if you've got large portion of Western culture is indebted to a little known secrets called a direct offshoot of
the African Egyptian mystery system which was called the ethylene among other names is told of the gray people
has been identified by their occupation geographical location forms of worship and peculiarities of a baby had been
variously known as the bad times there is the third set to many of The Mystery Sank the Senior Is the Clients the
Associative As the Apron Maker Is the Corrupt the See Iris Seekers of the Friends of Righteousness the Gasolines
 That Can Be off Steam Is Ancient Documents Indicate Some of the Early '80s and Stream Origin and Is Lenny V. L.
Air 7277 a Theme Called Them without Head Seems Generously As Six to Paint a Been Labeled Them the Gasolines
the Same Term Was Later He Used by Chris off Them Use CBS or Array It, This and Many Other Ankles He Is and
Chronicler Is Many of the Description Is Given by Means Right Here Is Particularly Use CBS and Lenny Get Paid to
Be Asked Teams That Has Written off from Arsenic the Testing to Thank Which Might Be Viewed As the Order of
Today's Bomb Communities This Quotation Is from Jesus Cries to Encourage Sidekick Buying Team in Team the
 Air Anyway Teams and Many Other Ancient References to the Gasolines Award Fragmentary Distorted and Often
 Inaccurate to For Example Ancient Writers Reported That the Gasolines Live without Women Having Written
Downs Called Sexual Love yet Reasoned Feedings in Everett Ancient Cemetery Encamped so Far It Unearthed a
 Number of Female Skeletons Greek and Roman Historians Also Failed to Discern the Religious and Mystical
Elements Which Were Basic to Pasadena Law to Mom to the What Is Their Relationship to Jesus and Wild
Evidence Did You Have to Support It to the yet If You Are Right Hero My Client Area Concerned with the Gasolines
 That Is Their Relationship, They Are Ordered outside to and How through Their Diets and Direction Jesus Was Able
 to Develop His Own Spiritual Talents for Countless Censures Scholars Have Suggested That Many of the Teachings
Attributed to Jesus toward Very Much Influenced by the Teachings of the Gasolines Note down to the Expression of
Such a Viewpoint Subjects Wanted to Declarations of Heresy by Those in Orthodox Church Circles in Other Words
Can Even Suggest That Any Part of the Message of Jesus Is or Want Less Than the Original with Jesus Is No Got to
 Harass the Much Care As the Orthodox Them Is Still Wrinkled Facts Speak for Themselves That This Cavalry of the
Dead Sea Scrolls by Young Man in Muhammad L. B. in 1940 by Deed Much to Shed Some Light on These
Controversial Topic Eased Scrolls Were Discovered in the Northwest Heart of the Dead Sea Deli Neither Shared,
 in a Series of Games on the Antique Out Of Belly Named Wally Clamoring in the Entire 20th Century Note Discount
Rate Has Had a Greater Impact on the Blades This Is Theologians and Judy yet Christian Makes All Men's Benefit
Discount Rate of the Dead Sea Scrolls Voters Gobbler Disagreed in the News with Exultation Such Lies Not That
Case However for Orthodox Christian Believers in Jesus As the Only Be Gotten Son of the Father Candace Can't
Response to the Discount Rate of the Scrolls and Its Implications Want Less Than Joyful Ancient Cockpits Sunshine
Signs Maniac Roses and Said She Area Had Predicted That Coming up Doubtless High and the Holding One of God
 That Phrase of Peace Eighths Enron and Early Viable Authorities Were Aware That the past Teams Can Co-Sign That  Aquatic Coming of the Teacher of Righteousness It Was Naturally Assumed That These Watch the Term Equivalent to Those in the Scriptures and That Jesus Was That Fulfillment of the Gasoline Processes As Well but That Aquatic Dead Seat Scroll Was Revealed Back by the Time of Jesus the Teacher of Righteousness Had Already Come and Gone Compounding Is It Is the Fact That That Dead Seat Scroll Was Worded Source of Further Embarrassment to Discolor As a Vaguely Cities of the Cause Many of the Same Means Attributed to Jesus As the Original Are Found in the Gasoline Records among the Expressions and Same Means Generally Claimed by Christians That As the Original with Jesus but yet Plumb island Contained in a Green Christian As the Records Are Piece Harbor and Goodwill Should Made Yield on the Salt of the Earth Yield on the Light of the World Do Finished for Righteousness That Kingdom of God the Sound of Light and the sag harber Children of Darkness Fees Are Just A Few in Addition I Would like to Tariff Ranged from a Team in the Team Here Is Jesus Cries Secret Sidekick Rev. Team near Its States That the Dead See the Prompt Elliptical Scrolls and Notebook blue green salts of radium
 Company Not We toward Founded in Decades of Clamoring for Young Get a Shadow of down to Have Been Dated
before Christianity However He Is Writing Is Contained the Overruns Phrases and Concepts Similar to Do Is in the
Sermon on the Amounts Also List of Selected As the Same As Compared to Do the Attitudes of Jesus Are
Remarkably Similar Team the Air Go on to Same Facts Obviously the Best Explanation Is Backed Jesus Wise, and
 the Training Schools of the Pasadena This the Evidence Also Points to the New Testament Person Is As the Cycles
of These Same Told the Bible Descriptions of John That Bad Times Their Is Line and Versatile Candidates Conform to
 the Practices That the Corner and Community Again and My Mind There Is Little Doubt but That Jesus Wasson and
Seemed to What Is Housed and Seemed Not Sure Which Originally Came from the Teachings of the African Mystery
System and World Later He Incorporated As Part of the Foundation of Christian Law to Mom to down and 2 to go,.
You Have Made the Use Astounding Revelations concerning the Line of Jesus and the Origin Ends up His Teachings
Write As Returned to Our Rock Original Question Was Based Figure of World Renowned of Black Man and Can't Get
It Still Are There Any Paintings Statues or Icons That Portray Him As Such GDP in Indeed Jesus While That Black
Man and There Are Numerous Orderly Paintings Statues and Icons That Graphically Get Paid to Both Mary and Jesus
 As Black People According to Godfrey Thinking His Offer of the Monumental He Is Still Wrinkled Document and a
Glimpse Is Whom Visited the Caffeine Drills of Your before the NT Religious Theory and off the French Revolution All
That Lived on His Hand Cries Childs Were Depicted As Black in All the Brownish Countries of Your in France into a
Germany Babysat around the God, Is As Well As His Mother Court Described in the Old Pictures to the Black Bean
and to God in the Air Arms of His Black Love Their Case the Eye Is Draper Rate like to Ease Himself Perfectly
Black If Every Year It Got Smiled,. Words He Made Do to Do Caffeine Drill of Now It Is to Do Famous Charcoal of  the
Virgin of Letdown to the Church of Any Share Data the Church of St. Louis Aero or the Church of Same Steam and
Aunt General on Tuesday Francisco and Islam to the Church of the Right Here in That the Real and Dad of Handler
to the Church of Same Needle That at Munich Eighth Set around the City Is Further Exempt or Kidney and
Documented by the Work of Janie A. Rogers Albert Church Worried beyond Said Benji Jan N. C. W. Cain J. S.
Matthews Gerald Massey and Various Other Writers Who Gave the Sale of Accounts of the Original like Mary and
 Jesus in Loss with the Advent of Men Share Ran down Globe Used His Family to Always for the Paintings That He
 Did on Jesus Mary Joe Is a Page Sat around Coupled with European White Racism That We Began to See Jesus
Portrayed As a New world or White Man but How Could It to the Otherwise How Could like Europeana Group of People Simultaneously be Greco Roman & Hemetic  except in fanticy of an anchint time a myth a lie a fraud a con that has worked to this day to provide ownership of land need by children . Edgar casey Alistar Crowley Borgs Medichee
hatfields & mC Coyz Maccluen Mc Cluen Robenson Roberson mingus Mangus Menges magus.
 Proclaimed and Practice Line Rac stuck in the aircondetioning ducting the corpuses stunk up the entire buildings
system and all of the visitors got pink eye from morning to night with outht tuching a thing it was all sprayed down with DMSO anr LSD 25 a very nice memento if i do say so my self  it's hunkey dory if you are the re-runs of the 1930's

bkwbellcur04, ftrbooksALL, say no to psychiatry, FTR, Foundation for Truth in Reality,
 eugenics, sociobiology,theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology,
racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences,eugenics,sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies,  racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies, racist racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic ,simplicity differences,eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism,racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism,racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing, scientific racism, racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity, ethnic differences, eugenics, sociobiology, racial cleansing,scientific racism, racial studies, racist theories, ethnicity,ethnic differences, The Bell Curve.

ADA GD .;G         

A Vintage rant from R@wman   
         "The Church of Shopping Now & Forever Amen."

But first.
What has fueled the draft Beer renaissance in the USA?

1. A growing ecological awareness that some of the tools and methods of modern agriculture are
 destructive, causing many to seek alternatives, among which is the draft beer as a source of power.

2. An economic crunch that makes home-grown power that runs on home raised fuel, which in turn
enriches the soil in the form of manure, reproduces itself plus providing surplus for sale, and
appreciates rather than depreciates for the first half of its life. Look better and better.

(To the wrong 'Dave do you honestly care what anyone but you thinks?" ED)

To the wrong David Beck: Dudes if the truth needs protection, it ain’t...
How real is that truth?
The truth is within your grasp.  Any other assumption is not the truth how else can the truth set you free.

Propaganda is still lies & anyway if it was not a lie but merrily a mistaken belief so what, someone wills
it you see it every day in advertising that presupposes you will  believe anything anybody has to say just because they are aware you are vulnerable and unaware of that for instance?

There’s a sucker born every nanosecond... Guaranteed Genuine Ersatz! Totally a genuine fake!
 The real Bozo baloney-verse.

St. Nicholas bribed all if his constituents to say he preformed Miracles so he could become a Bishop
that gave him and his family grate power and wealth.  and much later he became the only Icon of
Americas real church "The Church of Shopping Now & Forever Amen", "The Church of Spend", &
"The Church of Acting Like You Really Like Life Once A Year Weather You Really (Fear) Like it or not
for the "Kids ". which has actually supplanted any concept of celebrating generosity except as a once
a year Thankz Giving Feast not counting birth days and leap year what ever that is in the scheme of
things I mean when push comes to shove and you must go out and strangle some sort of mammal in
 order to absorb its protean so your bodies can live and Re-Excrete whatever residue how far from
your rat hole do you actually go is determined only by  what we laughingly call culture which I might add
 has become no certain road map for philosophy ethics or eschatology, know that most of it is only reproduced "digitally" due to all of that so called background radiation after that little thing called
a Dirty Bomb blew up most of NYC last year it’ s still smoldering plasma field from Baltimore to Pennsylvania [What’s this a new wrinkle in the NU-Civil War?] What? They didn't tell you... Wasn't on
 the NEWS!

Well guess they were e-busy cleaning up after and besides, YOU were in a coma of personal
gratifications.  So what do you expect, a wake up call like Hey![Life is not Highschool homework
you can blow off! you actually gotta do something when you are alive You! are a member of a
species of which 8 out of 10 are dying of hunger and most are children and   illiterate and suffering
 in pain of disease due to your consumption of THERE Natural resources., being without that critical
 25% more "raw materials without pay" read protean starved in there Mothers Holy Wombs so expect
some "Hard RAIN!"

Eventually... We drafted People & trained them to Kill Why Not Draft People & train them to Heal!!

We need more schools & hospitals not more bombs and weaponised common colds that drive
down GNP in order to support quotas and econometric standards established by gargantuan federal
standards out of line as it were with human need in every way.

What makes it week as a belief is that ANY interpellation dilutes it until it is mutated into what we have
now... [No Faith] The oblivion of making people do what you want with out actually having to kill them
 or hanging drawing and quartering them to motivate them... As the elders were all to willing to initiate
at the drop of a hat.

Show them the instruments of torture... Confess and we wont need to use these instruments of torture
 on you [show the torture bloody crusted  greasy  tools snippy ball-peen-hammer serrated knife nut picks mallets rusty pliers and a bunch of shards from a broken  Elvis-Costello record...

Yes people have no focus but they have not lost a grater truth there never was one there are as
 many ways as there are beings (this includes those sentient beings) [with eyes] we call Animals. The Sapiens you call The Blacks were considered animals and are the actual progenitor of all races alive
on earth yet they are starved ripped off and allowed to die of famine and disease while a morally
bankrupted and psychically numbed Western society debates there 35 million week & ill who will die
of aids alone leaving millions of desperate orphans to wander the earth trying to sell you a faux Chinese Rolex wristwatch on
 the busy street corner of any town E-USA.

While  the Good Old USA debates its "own memorial "Should the civil servants have as separate
memorial” or will we die from a terrorist dirty bomb provided by the DOD to an Alkida Tallaban Red
Guard Ben laden merges and becomes a mindfukingshrill Screeeeing! sound “They wouldn't do that!” Reichstag crap again... Its like Rambo 2010 all friggen over again...

Snap outta it! Your Life / The World is about what ever you say it is that why art is dangerous.

Good artist borrow Greater Artist Steal... Every day  & that is not enough because it tends to be like
cow cud chewing cud slurp  burp plop! plop! plop!...

You live in a Super so-called Free country that puts its population in the front lines( charging them
 $160 billion plus as they say for the privilege) as if they were in a Colonial Settlement constantly
Under Siege say like in Israel... In order to sell the concept of perpetual war, it  WE wages war on
 it's civilians...

(Like Al Cap's syndicated tabloid cartoon Pogo use to say I is Regusted I haz seen de enemy &
he is US!)

And for what? It’s all to maintain an unimpeded flow.
 Production and Distribution of weapons of mass destruction, designed to eliminate the civil population
 that toil in Union free factories that make them.   Now that’s real art.
And as far as church goes God is DEAD! Go back to work!...  And Now The moment of silence...
And as far as church goes God is BREAD! Go back to work!... The moment of silence is over...

Ye eye beam glint bright,
sun ray glowing and flickering
in the window, is his hart not
mechinicaly inclind,... a standard tok,
 his, it is a tickey
whitisisim in, in a for a steady  
beatin a, in a, in, a, in a, in a, in a,
 13 targets in a, in a, in, a, in a, in a, in a
, I remeber what I have now, perhaps She upchuked,
cha cha cha, put her half of his,
she, her should you, to a for her
put, with well,... to a, in, a in a, in a,
 in to pay, a in and need for him,
 to at least when they did that,
 they payed me in Chocklot...
Sez she, fake her leppard broach n cluch  
 & dazzling rhinestone smile for him,  

 I put in a with, with a note, I do in, a do,
 at the, the, I did lose it, the silver cirtificatated fiber
a life, and in the that, the go, to his goes,
to vote half ass heroin usesrs recourse .

 Who wanted for you should buy a relaxed loung.
Cold lizard tast like cold lizard in a in the Leory inlaid,
 in my crew to you think you in the should do you and is largely a lot " whole life itself"
in a single here in the in a jewelry election will become whole rule units in the the
member of their actual for the ice, they will me to a global via the year will will but the
 ultra demi   definition of a been  up  allmost used to you have a wonderful life is a the
arena of blocked individuals with a clear and it a 5-year-old ice
blue salts matrix flow opportunity for the first time to receive a primal just told the global
reach edited at keeping blocked covered by fire and swarming all over my body they did
no harm SANDWICH

Any the right to the my observed my body during the period from the outside looking down
only from the outside Soviet lights I read firsthand knowledge obscured but I will say that
foremost all that summer I journey it was very should direct realms with entities that seemingly
 mental harm but never want for cautioned that fly rents and the ubiquitious refugee colorfull
child there are more human beings living under slavery now sir Christian Thomas Melvil than
 anytime in human history for the job child Childers the free my relevant electric charge don't
oversimplify there is simple evidence that mathematics or religious result all the African Childeren
there is a cycle to life I bet its the best you can do for your artistic side for your practical side and for your
financial sideyour going to be goning do now is youre goingt have  to role the dice chief...

if you wate for it to happin your going to miss it gold or presious 10% psocological to be honest .
 there's a huge amout a gazillion vitimins and mimerals and that's the skill accounting that will exponentially
and that the in Colombia's been did not desirable to electric and vicious global  6 million a year die  and
 affordable transmission is occurring in me in is occurring in you as if we have the opportunity for the first
time to receive a primal just told the global reach edited work transmitted from week because all was the
discovery of fire the notion that life as value intrinsically universally probably without reservation or judgment
 if one is that you've allied between old and as a sense of the potential of all others for the in a little luxury,
you'ed be stupig to look for any thing else but the African double play in the total three-dimensional faith in
 wholesale ourselves we have the species cheer the entirety obscure and whole matter, and to read the life
committee as if the made a red convert all that matter to energy is to be shared bull that one want us to all
 the other potential outsiders are insiders wishing to be single or for your independent been called
 considerations that infinitely self-evident face will acknowledge and affirmed despite the Bagwell afterward behold positive use of four shall has to create little harmony in the supporters are checking only if all agree buyback of your shoulders, that constitutes content and although mock racial shepherds it mattered about the profits in the past and come off without and we are infinitely amid joining and preparing the place where we whole sheet that now the acts of compound interest, been in any form of transaction will cease and humankind will have coming to lifetime of wonder and glory glory in the insulin race about fearing that damage and wonder that the state never a short blush to affair alchemy is great poetry if you like to talking for him an attempt to explain the inexplicable when you she held living in the way Soviet lights off seasonal living at giving the Louisville River so-called discharge date-for the panel will will have a letter could have up to you have to the left pay to do to you to the end of the in a for him to a for him to the in a for a day in a in a in a for the in a in a in a in a in a for a in a in a in the in a in you in a in the in a for a in you in a in a in the the here to you and I was a in the unit is a there is as the lamina bones are a in a in a with a the go small if you have for a guy in a him a in the in a in a for a live in a in a in a in a wanted to a life was a for a for him for a did I do it is a in a in a new him a him and for him a for him.
Nor to ever mention the un burned poppy field promis on your paranoid life with its pityful feer of fake leperd smile
video tape seragot deval long dead clone od harpy and capone smugeler thug alwats charging more than its worth waving  bonds and defencive groth like the forces of richly values telacom stocks monds cash and booming global mutual funds selling hawks and qualitys bonds helping them bolster there sails and various parts of the 16 month
Sheet blank flag globe border that is a whaling man seeks a thought in a paus of the daily ruteen  is a him editor of his words that is a in the me hear their afforded a in is a in a legendary this is the wanted to the edited idea in those designated to you fill their giving miserly glow in is a full as a way that we ultimately hit the village need bizarre, or for your records of fire flight inherently speaking talented soldiers were allegedly members of the summit deadlines for feeding organization for passing to small villages of the way the fun occurs to infinitely original deadlines somehow goes on despite decades of war in a four-year loan to a in pressing poverty in the deadly disease in a life to our eyes is a fascinating visit to Old Testament times in between pocketed humanity where regular people struggled to growth to make things to raise their children that half a dozen fronds in his Bangalore control over a couple hundred yards here in their shifting every few months but a living attack course of the war ignored alliances been losing steadily he deadly do with a recent assassination of their legendary leader on the job soon as hot light features pure from every truck and every home over victory without and is almost gone the attention of the world has breathed a glow.



Reportedly the equipment into the effort among the in a for a in America's are warmly welcomed here will have the remainder of the the lose report behind the battle lines in Anahime  when we can do him who is using easy-to-use guideline for do you like to you on with him for him who him in the room for him and a in a warm air struggled in a good to the effort to a there America's are warmly welcomed here will have the remainder of the the lose report behind the battle lines in Pinaple  when we can do you he him as a heavy-duty looking for him for the him hermit half a university you a governor is to have encouraged the user loan to him for him a good to her people think him & I him for him to have harm him in a him and Jim him her him in the him in the inherently hidden behind the him for a in the wanted to  meraculious  opposition foes is known as the Longhorns battle with a daily indices don't ever tried to get a firsthand look at the alliances from a in our two of the Louisville to them amid a general tells it is too much I where we are hoping to go but we may be able to get into another part of the village to you cannot back to you, any of that, is rumored to you way way to a white and held with his father-in-law I thought I back to you in any enemies here and weaving girl looking for a him his eighth him for a did not the dangerous to get the in him his him a him a pet can do the front with artillery in rifle are hobbled the distance we go.

 Abandoned the vehicle is a for the good to reduce want 100 living in the visit to live with you can everybody is not because the dangerous to everybody to the alliance soldiers him only months ago rested his village of the controlled salad you have them home you can hold the minimum day and for a him from a in a good thing you go in theDefrocked Chinese  Dominican and I do conveniently thing the Crane says him and 85 the lives of the innocents must be spared the edited itself is the first casualty as we here the actual front lines the alliance soldiers need answers still friendly and curious is a harder look at their eyes visit the place where the killing him the dying at every telethon oblique snipers with crossing of the area with his wife died so this is like a mock with left of the talented relinquished did a few months ago they set by anything that would bar basically everything except the mud walls and I thought you a him a daily by way of him a for mobile lamina needed the local community charges are cannot be asked him about records and allocated by using the area of the heating and yet eschew deadlines soldiers are here he said it is front-line hills another frontline we have some prisons wanted and here in others rejected about 100 Pakistani Sudanese get into Chinese holiday wanted to live to implement if you have a another -- the snipers Alley in these don't belong to back with the next is a copy of gunfire in the booms of the future rockets on it comes to mind the late at any hear of the Sydney sometime before the skill to resistance doesn't have to win the war when he said the alliance only as to survive wanted to the talented self-destruct it always the invader that loses the well-defined and 13 targets" about the Afghanistan and under Windows is now from the Afghanistan things must include improved a lot woven goes few weeks from go online wanted they had actually they're happy about the U.S. air strikes you know it's feeding their rabbits country south on it received material from Russia and possibly Iran we cannot confirm the material from any other countries U.S. but also they stayed at the alliances been stopping a talented force is taken placement that sort of a for holding off on making of the today's day until the positions on soft enough for the visit to live in the him in the says him with his contingent goes a idea they tell us that they are going to go for the small villages for his stayed at the side a very think he states elected near Mazda 3 with you a lot of of importance to you a candidate held in a number of years in a lot elected very think Gen. Bill Stone has a head-to-head city with reportedly surrounded that will be one of the larger targets to go to you please hidden in these seemingly using the evidence of the weaving for a confirm that spokesman for the a lot in a bill is a back to a 40 commanders and allocated by 12,000 soldiers with an civic lack the lines in Woodside Helena daily by that it is not heard on it is part of the world for general adjustments in Bill Stone's wanted example you think the affiliate him and records into the war with the Soviets decided to the lives of portable getaway because I did you wanted with Edina now the finding out Monday when the things live with distinguishable piece is the is him as you him as a him a him in for the up to me noo not me .


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Tragic, yes. We live in an era when history is rewritten daily.
 I don't use Bayer aspirin or drive a Ford, either.
Got your messages, I'll talk to you ~2+ NYC time.
 ps here's one I got the other day, it's really appropriate.
 From the 'evil minds think alike' group:

http://www.CommonDreams.org Saturday, September 22,
 2001 Bush's Orwellian Address Happy New Year: It's 1984

by Jacob Levich

Seventeen years later than expected, 1984 has arrived.
In his address to Congress Thursday, George Bush effectively declared
 permanent war --
war without temporal or geographic limits; war without clear goals;
 war against a vaguely defined and constantly shifting enemy.

 Today it's Al-Qaida; tomorrow it may be Afghanistan;
 next year, it could be Iraq or Cuba or Chechnya.

No one who was forced to read 1984 in high school could fail to
hear a faint bell tinkling. In George Orwell's dreary classic, the
totalitarian state of Oceania is perpetually at war with either Eurasia
or Eastasia.
Although the enemy changes periodically, the war is permanent;
its true purpose is to control dissent and sustain dictatorship by
 nurturing popular fear and hatred.
The permanent war
 undergirds every aspect of Big Brother's authoritarian program,
excusing censorship, propaganda,Secret police, (Hunger & )
and privation. In other words, it's terribly convenient.

And conveniently terrible. Bush's alarming speech pointed to a
shadowy enemy that lurks in more 60 countries, including the US.
 He announced a policy of using maximum force against any individuals
or nations he designates as our enemies, without color of international law,
due process, or democratic debate.

He explicitly warned that much of the war will be conducted insecret.
 He rejected negotiation as a tool of diplomacy. He announced starkly
that any country that doesn't knuckle under to US demands will be regarded
 as an enemy. He heralded the creation of a powerful new cabinet-level police agency called the "Office of Homeland Security." Orwell couldn't have named
it better.

By turns folksy  ("Ya know what?")  and chillingly bellicose ("Either you
 are with us, or you are with the terrorists"), Bush stepped comfortably
into the role of Big Brother, who needs to be loved as well as feared.Meanwhile, his administration acted swiftly to realize the
 governing principles of Oceania:  (Pacific-Atlantica )

WAR IS PEACE. A reckless war that will likely bring about
 a deadly cycle of retaliation is being sold to us as the means to guarantee our safety. Meanwhile, we've been instructed to accept the permanent war as a fact of daily
life As the inevitable slaughter of innocents unfolds overseas, we are to "live our lives and hug our children."

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. "Freedom itself is under attack," Bush said, and
 he's right. Americans are about to lose many of their most cherished liberties
 in a frenzy of paranoid legislation. The government proposes to tap our phones, read our email and seize our credit card records without court order. It seeks authority to detain and deport immigrants without cause or trial. It proposes to
 use foreign agents to spy on American citizens.
To save freedom, the warmongers intend to destroy it.

IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. America's "new war" against terrorism will
be fought with unprecedented secrecy, including heavy press restrictions
not seen for years, the Pentagon has advised. Meanwhile, the sorry history
of American imperialism -- collaboration with terrorists, bloody proxy wars
against civilians, forcible replacement of democratic governments with
corrupt dictatorships -- is strictly off-limits to mainstream media.
Lest it weaken our resolve, we are not to be allowed to understand
 the reasons underlying the horrifying crimes of September 11.

The defining speech of Bush's presidency points toward an
Orwellian future of endless war, expedient lies, and ubiquitous social control.

 But unlike 1984's doomed protagonist, we've still got plenty of space to
maneuver and plenty of ways to resist this is a Election Year!

It's time to speak and to act. It falls on us now to take to the
streets, bearing a clear message for the warmongers: We don't
love Big Brother.

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