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This is a small collection of some of the stuff I make some parts are for sculpture
some for paintings some remain elements of a personal narrative I find still  useful .    

Below is a 3D Collage or photo essay/collage it uses electronics some from a Christmas
 card ( hidden from view ) that plays musical theme's like Noel & some devices that twinkle
a few  strands of small lights glowing behind the cut out life sizes Child's image made  by
 enlarging a color magazine photo gluing it to a cut out slowest duplicate made of sheet
of  an of aluminum ( to prevent it from warping ) that fits the inside dimensions of a frame
made the size of a mans shirt box  covered with as many denominations   of foreign currency
that were available at the time.

The  concept came from combining the deeply moving comments of Ms. Audrey
Hepburn as see on TV during an interview a year before her death from cancer.

 And the text of a very very cruel joke told by a  jaded & boorish pseudo hipster at a
 reception held  for a small group of  Swiss Authors, poets and novelist given on the
occasion of there reading  poetry & excerpts of there novels at  the NY YMCA earlier that
evening it was sponsored by the Swiss Embassy held in the privet home of the Ambassador
at that time in NYC  

The joke is about:
How to tell when on the beach of San Trope  in sonny southern  France which one's are the
Ethiopian ( an actual African )  There the ones with there Rolexes around there waists.

[The country of Ethiopia was victim of a Deadly DROUGHT we sent them surplus dry grain
 drooped from airplanes as if they were Cattle stuck in the Snow. ] Drought = no water.

 No one laughed but him but I think that was actually in deference to my presence because
 he made the rounds telling it over and over &  got a few  stifled chuckles  and all though
not the life of the party,I my self nor any one suggested he be thrown out for such savage
 bad taste.
 I met many good people at the party waiting for my friend, one of the Swiss (Poet Novelist)
 authors to show up all evening  that summer , I also met the Ambassador of Austria also
a poet. But that is another story as they say.

                                               "What Knowledge of Christmas"

                            Untitled  © 1998-2000 Mingus Designs all rights reserved  16" x 20" wood, photo assorted electronics

                               Untitled  © 1998-2000 Mingus Designs all rights reserved  16" x 20" wood, photo assorted electronicscs

            " Wisdom found off  African chocolate candy bar wrapper unseen by the namer or keeper "

 © 1998-2000 Mingus Designs   PC photo montage the point is remove your self from wealth.
This kid looks like ( me at about 10 ) he is Levitating the Rosetta stone cutting board to reveal
 a cache of gem stones (representing the enormous wealth he can't eat ) the Ideas keep coming.
 So fast now this  site is a bloated 80.5 Meg !!!  180 pages or more, all I need to do is edit this puppy
 to a CD and  dump  a bunch of overlap so say the wise ones. Personally I like the omelet as is.
 Pass the  paprika please . Hey Sam how's it going? ED

Copyright   © 1998-2001 Mingus Designs All rights reserved.
 Reproduction in whole or in part in Any form or medium without
express written permission of  Mingus Designs Is prohibited.