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NewMedia Insider Report wrote:

  Subject Line: A Disc on a Key, Manage Your Web Content, A New Worm, and
  NewMedia Insider Report - What's Next on the Net

  Thursday, August 9, 2001
 This newsletter sponsored by:

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  This Week - from Bob Woods, NewMedia Managing Editor

  In our weekly review, we take a look at a neato device that allows you to
  copy files between computers. Best thing of all? It fits on a keychain!
  Beware the company's claims of PC-to-Mac compatibility, though. We have
  that plus a bunch of advertising/marketing news and Microsoft's latest
  courtroom foray in the Business section.

  Also, Microsoft supports the separation of content and site design, with
  its new Content Management Server--we'll have a preview. Also, we'll look
  a successor to VRML, a cheap (read: inexpensive) Flash creation tool, and
  free MP3 streaming technology. All of that and more in Design/Development.

  In Technology, a new worm that's like Code Red is crawling across the Net.
  Problem is, it has a payload that's more destructive than Code Red -- we
  have details. We'll also play around with numbers, with eight keys to a
  "sane security strategy" and five tips for avoiding job burnout.

  And please keep in mind that now carries daily news--the spot
  to quickly find out What's Next on the Net...



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  of nanotechnology. Understand the current applications, and
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  science, microelectronics and optics in the future. See the
  companies and labs behind nanotechnology and the VC firms
  and Gov't agencies reviewing/investing in this breakthrough
  field. Conf.- Boston 11/29-30



  A Disc, on a Key? (A NewMedia REVIEW)
  The new DiskOnKey is a nifty gadget that lets you copy files from, to or
  between computers. Pretty cool, eh? But don't count on it working between
  PCs and Macs, even though it says it can.

  IAB Releases Rich Media Specs
  Continuing its efforts to woo traditional advertisers to the medium, the
  Silicon Alley-based Interactive Advertising Bureau is aiming to promote
  the adoption of ads with animation and interactivity.

  Study: Pop-Under Ads Can Backfire
  Campaigns like X10's have massive reach but little staying power with
  consumers, according to Jupiter Media Metrix. Thank God.

  Study: Advertisers Will Buy Into Premium Inventory
  The trick is defining that inventory, amid large amounts of unused Web ad
  space, or so says Jupiter Media Metrix.

  Ad Spending to Rebound, Digital Marketing to Soar
  A new study sees a light at the end of the online advertising tunnel. But
  what comes out when the market emerges will be part digital marketing,
  part Internet advertising.

  Microsoft to Appeal Antitrust Case to Supreme Court
  Arguing that Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's findings should be
  invalidated, Microsoft asks the Supreme Court to hear its appeal.

  It's the Content Management, Stupid
  Content management "issues"--yes, the bad ones--generally result from
  infrastructure and technology problems. Learn how strong software and
  solutions can save you thousands of dollars--a day.

  Offline Brands Bringing E-Commerce to the Masses
  As Internet-only retailers struggle with profitability, and the
  all-important holiday season approaches, new research finds the big
  offline brands that dominate retailing in the U.S. are driving mainstream
  shoppers online.

  Internet Politics Insider
  The Copyright Office convenes hearings regarding proposed fees that
  webcasters would pay to the copyright owners of songs, while the debate on
  Internet taxation continues. We have all of that and more in this week's
  Internet Politics Insider, courtesy the Association for Interactive Media

  New: Content Management Server 2001
  The latest of Microsoft's .NET Enterprise Servers, Content Management
  Server 2001 allows for the creation of dynamic Web sites where content is
  maintained separately from site design.

  Web3D Consortium Launches Successor To VRML
  Silicon Valley group totes launch of the X3D open standard as a
  new-generation successor to the 3-D equivalent of HTML.

  New: Mix-FX
  If you like Flash, you will love a product called Mix-FX. You will also
  like the fact that you don't have to risk reaching retirement age before
  it begins working on your Web page.

  New: Anastasia
  Having created a fully XML compliant document base, you now need a
  flexible tool to publish it to the Web. Anastasia allows you to create
  user-personalized output from any portion of any XML/SGML document.

  New: Collaborative Connect
  Closing an online sale sometimes requires a personal touch. Chordiant's
  new Collaborative Connect allows your reps to chat and browse directly
  with your online customers in real-time.

  Digital Media Group Rallies Around Copyright Law Changes
  Ye salvation shall come by way of legislation! At least that is what DiMA
  hopes for the Music Online Competition Act proposed by Congress.

  New: Free MP3 Streaming Technology
  AudioBase's free MP3 streaming applet, AB3, lets developers put audio into
  a Web site without needing to use plug-ins.

  SAP Portal Powers Getronics' U.S. Intranet
  Four thousand Getronics employees will reap the benefits of improved
  internal communications with SAP's help.


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  your press release to thousands of subscribing journalists
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  New Worm On the Loose
  A new worm, utilizing the same vulnerability as the Code Red worm, is
  spreading across the Net with a much more dangerous payload than its

  8 Keys To A Sane Security Strategy
  The insidious Code Red worm plaguing computer systems worldwide provides a
  sobering reminder to IT professionals that security isn't part of their
  network -- it is their network. Our IT consultant looks at eight elements
  integral to a successful security strategy in the cyberspace age.

  Five Tips for Avoiding Burnout
  Do you feel guilty when you take time off? Do you overload yourself with
  work or have trouble saying no? You may be at risk for burnout. We offer
  some tips for CIOs and other IT execs to find balance in spite of a hectic

  Network Management Software
  To confuse tech matters, a new bit of marketing nomenclature has hit --
  eBusiness Infrastructure Management. We examine the differences (if any)
  among infrastructure, network and system management software.

  Study: Salaries Not Top Concern for IT Pros
  A Computerworld survey found that IT workers are satisfied with their
  salaries, but want more challenges and more training. Meanwhile, people3
  found the average tenure of an IT professional is less than three years.

  All Along the Watchfire
  Inktomi partners with the maker of automated Web site management software
  to spiff up search technology across corporate networks.

  Oracle9i Finds Its Voice
  A partnership with eight other companies means Oracle9i Application Server
  can interface with vocal commands that can be spoken directly into a
  handset or hands-free device.

  MORE NEWS (From the Network)
  Lurking beneath the ethics of the legitimate e-tailer are the unscrupulous
  e-commerce sites that damage the reputation of online shopping. So, how
  does an honest site appear trustworthy to consumers?,,10380_860081,00.html

  Internet Advertising Malaise Starves Out the Hunger Site
  The decline in Internet advertising has affected even some of the sites
  that were launched with the best of intentions, like the Hunger Site, the
  RainforestSite, the BreastCancerSite and,,10417_858461,00.html

  Content Reminders and Tips
  E-mail marketing should help you drive traffic to your Web site to build
  your business. We have some tips on reviewing your e-mail communications
  to check for what may be ailing you if you're not getting those coveted
  responses that yield dollars.

  Dealing With a Soft Market
  The ad market is softer than a gummy bear that's been in a pocket during
  this week's heat wave. How should buyers and sellers all live in harmony
  until things improve?

  New: WebTrends Enterprise Server 4.0
  New features include special software for tracking the effectiveness of
  banner ads, understanding shopping carts and streaming media, distributing
  data and analyzing StoryServer log files.

  Macromedia Flash 5 Developer's Guide
  This chapter covers some specific techniques for building 3D symbols and
  animations in Flash, as well as a broad overview of the major areas of
  interest in the huge and fascinating world of 3D.

  Advanced Web-Enabled Applications and Services Architecture
  We  explain how to avoid common mistakes when dealing with Web-enabled
  application architecture. We also have a robust example of how to build an
  expandable solution using XML and XSLT.

  Java: Mosaic
  This cool app transitions between images with a mosaic effect.

  Javascript: Image Resizer
  Select an image and this script will give the size of that image. It will
  also allow you to change the size and see what it looks like.

  Introduction to Input Validation with Perl
  How can we make software that withstands malicious input attacks? We can
  start by minimizing the set of entities our software trusts and by
  vigorously validating all input.,,12063_861781,00.html

  Keeping Up with the Patent Office
  PatentAlert is an agent that searches the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  database on your behalf, and sends you e-mails that include descriptions
  of new patents in the fields of your choice.

  Jailed Russian Programmer Out On Bail
  Dmitry Sklyarov was originally arrested for giving speech about
  circumventing Adobe eBook Reader software.,2198,3531_861031,00.html

  IPv6: The Future is Now
  Cisco's Steve Deering warns that the costs of a slow rollout of IPv6 are
  being felt now--while nations and corporations that are implementing IPv6
  ahead of everyone else are reaping the early bird's reward.

  Little Brother is Watching You
  We delve into the dark world of tools that would monitor the behavior of a
  company's employees and even prohibit them from viewing streaming content
  on sports sites!


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