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This Learning Contract is for Empire State College:Topic of Study:Intro to Mass Art;
Personalizing the Media This study introduces students to theories of modern art,
popular culture and philosophy, focusing on the political and social content of culture.
The study will aid the students in articulating their personal views of modern media as
 it applies to everyday life.              

Learning Activities: Students will use the text, A Philosophyof Mass Art
 by Noel Carroll, excerpts from Cut with the Kitchen Knife by Maud Lavin, Movements
 of Modern Art by Michael Compton and Populuxe by Thomas Hine,supplemented
 by material selected by them.

They will reply in written assignments to questions posed by the Tutor based on the
texts and lectures as well as collecting and creating objects that express their view
of art as popular culture. They will maintain a Learning Journal in which classroom
 knowledge, the discoveries of finding the content in art in everyday life and print
media clippings are kept, reflecting the courses goals.
 Evaluation: The students' success will be evaluated based on their written
assignments, Learning Journals, classroom participation and activities as
 well as their Final Project.
15 week Class  4 Credits .


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